Ostrapolis- The City of Exiles

Ostrapolis is the newest of the cities, and was until recently a barbarian city taken over by Theopolian league some 200 years ago. It has since become a fortress state for the region, serving as a bastion against the rising tide of Xeno incursion in the land. The population is made up 20,000 of each other city. Each citizen who is exiled to Ostrapolis, serves a seven year military service before being sent back a hero, there is no greater honor than to say you served in Ostrapolis. However, Ostrapolis is not a safe city, and many die before ever returning home. It has another name to those unlucky enough to be born here, Necropolis, the city of the dead. Ostrapois is known for its adventurers.

Patron God: Adrastos, God of Tactics/Honor

Population: 100,000


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