Typhopolis- The City of the Sea and Trade

On a cluster of islands just off the mainland in the Sea of Joy lies Typhopolis. The Sea of Joy is a bit of a misnomer as the skies over Typhopolis are usually grey, and rare is a day where a storm doesn’t batter the city. However, the city stands on a viable trade route to the rest of Psuterra, and her people have weathered the storms, and even profited, taking in the bounty of the seas, and the coin of the rest of the Poli. Typhopolis has the finest sailors and merchants in all the realm, and none are braver when it comes to storms, or facing down a business deal. Typhopolis is known for her sailors, fisherman, shipwrights, and merchants.

Patron God: Aigikles, God of the Sea/Storms

Population: 80,000


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